What is IMDS?

My customer is asking for MDS, what the hell is that?

IMDS is the initials of the International Material Data System. Which is generally used at automotive industry for managing the recycle rate of the end of life vehicles and prohibited materials. It’s used when signed in through www.mdsystem.com.

As a customer request, vehicle manufacturers have been asking their supply chain to create their product tree for all ingredients, identifying their sub-suppliers, material weights and the percentages of substances. Generally, this request happens at project phase as one of the content in PPAP, which is called as the MDS (Material Data Sheet). It starts with the material manufacturers by creating their materials by adding their substances. Then, suppliers in between are adding these materials to create their product tree, henceforward sub suppliers’ MDS take part in the product trees. Finally, the vehicles are created by vehicle manufacturers by joining these consisted product trees (MDSs).

Before the launch of vehicle, the recycle rates can be analyzed by creating data in this unique universal system. Here it’s important to have proper information where each MDS can be proposed to customers in between for approval, since than these MDS can be added to product trees. These approved product trees become one at vehicle manufacturer to make several analyses.

Below is one of the simple MDS created in the system as an example.